Dating roadblocks that men can overcome

When it comes to dating, guys can get stuck in a rut. Even when they’re on the right track with a woman, they may not know how to keep things moving in the correct direction. 

Sometimes, that’s because the man lacks experience or knowledge about how relationships work. If you are a man who want to get more dates with those sexy lady Phoenix escorts and have more success with women, here’s what to do: 

Try Not To Be Too Nice

Being too nice is a common roadblock for men. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that being nice will get you further, but this isn’t always true. In fact, it can work against you when it comes to dating.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Being assertive is actually an attractive quality in a partner, and it doesn’t mean that you’re not being considerate of others’ feelings. If the woman asks for something unreasonable or inappropriate, don’t feel pressured into giving them what they want just because they’ve asked nicely. You don’t need to lie either and have to say no with confidence.

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Avoid Conflict The Right Way

Remember that it’s normal to fight, but it can be avoided. If you are fighting with your partner, it’s essential to recognize that conflict is not always a bad thing, but try to discuss matters instead of arguing. 

In fact, many people have been taught that arguments should be avoided at all costs. However, this can lead people into unhealthy relationships where they never speak up about their needs or desires because they think it will upset their significant other.

A healthy relationship requires discussion and compromise between two people who want different things out of life and sometimes even want different things in bed. When one person wants something from another person but doesn’t feel comfortable asking for it directly, thinking that the other will not agree, there will be an underlying tension. 

Failing To Make A Connection

If you’re not making eye contact, smiling and looking interested in what the other person is saying, then it’s likely that she won’t be interested in you. She’ll feel like you’re not listening to her or that you don’t care about what she has to say.

Put the phone aside and make steady eye contact with her as much as possible throughout their conversation. It helps build trust when people are fully engaged in each other’s presence without distractions like technology getting in between them. 

Ask For What You Need

You’re in a relationship, but you’re not getting what you want. You may be afraid of asking for it because you don’t want to offend your partner or make them uncomfortable.

The truth is that if they care about making the relationship work, then they’ll be happy to help out when needed. Don’t assume that just because you are seeing this person means that they automatically know what to do.  

You have to communicate and discuss concerns. Talk about what makes each other happy, and discuss things if something isn’t working out as planned.

In Conclusion

If you’re struggling with any part of your life, whether finding love or achieving goals, reflect on how to overcome these roadblocks.